CNC Plasma Cutters

As a further production method apart from thermal gas cutting, we also offer cutting your components with the plasma cutter.

Here too, all types of components can be manufactured - from simple rectangular plates and circular discs to complex shaped components – of course, including drillings and inside contours..

Material thickness:
Processing size:

up to 25 mm
max. 3000 x 1500 mm
sheet metal, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals.

The programming of the machine is the same as for flame cutting: only one DXF file of the corresponding cutting part is needed. You can easily send us an eMail.

If you do not have a CAD program in use, we are happy to take over the drafting of drawings for you. Of course, your data will only be used to cut your parts and will not be shared with third parties.

Send us your inquiry, we would be happy to make you an offer specially tailored to your parts!