About Us


Foundation of the company "Rupert Aigner Metal & Engineering" by Rupert Aigner. Back in these days, mainly common metal work such as window grills, banisters etc, as well as contract work was done for companies in the surrounding area. The first workshop is built in a basement room of the apartment building.


The first trainee has been employed – Apprenticeship as metalworker


Construction and manufacturing of the first ever AIGNER front linkage with power take-off for a farmer from the municipal area of Rattenkirchen. The company was being re-orientated for the purpose of manufacturing front linkages as its main business. The first three brands of agricultural machines to be supported were IHC, SCHLÜTER and RENAULT.


Construction of our 480 m² workshop located in Hofstetten 7.


The tractor manufacturer IHC is bought by CASE. From now on our front linkages are also produced for the new CASE-IH tractors. They are painted black.


Due to the German reunification and the opening of all borders, a massive sales increase for front systems is becoming visible. As a result, the company is completely specializing in machines and mechanical engineering.

The branch metal works is abandoned as we go along.


The company is transformed into a corporation. It’s from now on called “Rupert Aigner GmbH”. CEO is the previous owner and founder Rupert Aigner


The first snow plows with spring secured hatchbacks are produced and affiliated into the product range. This ensures much better workload during the winter months.


Front linkages and PTOs for ZETOR tractors are affiliated into the range of products.

The company expands due to newly built warehouse and paintshop with 300 m² in size and an upgrade which converts the existing garages into the new office.


Development of a quick coupling triangle with integrated PTO coupling compatible with front linkages. With the new system the PTO of accessory equipment like mowers can be directly coupled to the engine PTO without the driver being in need to leave the tractor’s cabin. The system is being applied for a patent.


The product range is expanded one more time. The first all-purpose snow plow with 4-way adjustment capabilities (vario plow) is delivered to the first customer.


After the take-over of STEYR by CASE-IH, we start to affiliate front systems for STEYR tractors.


Implementation of a new CNC-, Plasma- and autogenous cutting machine.

Alongside our own components, we also manufactured special parts for other metal orientated companies within the surrounding area.


Front linkages and Front PTOs for MASSEY FERGUSON tractors are being affiliated.New 3D-CAD-Software is being acquired.


Case-IH and New Holland merge.. The result is called the CNH – corporation.

Due to antitrust restrictions, CASE-IH has to sell its Doncaster facility including their production series CX, MX-C and MX being built there. LANDINI buys them and the brand’s name McCORMICK which is resurrected as a result.

Aigner front systems are available for the new McCORMICK tractors since that time.


CLAAS buys the tractor department from RENAULT Agriculture. Since that time our front linkages are delivered in seed green for the new tractors.


Due to the CNH affiliated group’s cross-platform strategy we managed to integrate front systems for NEW HOLLAND tractors into our product range.


In the same way as CNH previously did, the ARGO affiliated group -which has been formed out of McCORMICK and LANDINI- is starting its own cross-platform strategy. We start to produce and provide the first front linkages and PTOs for LANDINI tractors by that time.


Rupert Aigner hands the administration of the company to his son Martin Aigner. Founder Rupert Aigner and his knowledge remain in the company in consultant function.


Development and construction of a new three-point-adapter with hydraulic PTO drive enable the connection of agricultural equipment with wheeled loaders. The system is created in cooperation with the company KRAMER Allrad.


The product range is expanded once again by development and affiliation of forklifts equipment (for example load arms).


New front systems for VALTRA tractors are introduced for the first time.


Our new production hall ( including paintshop, assembly hangar and office building ) are erected in the Haun industrial area near the town of Rattenkirchen in June 2012. The buildings with a total area of approximately 2000 m² are located about 1.5 km away from the old site.

June 2013

As well our new overhead-track sandblasting system as our 2K paintshop equipment are implemented for the first time at our new site. Also, the final assembly line moves to Haun.

December 2013 – January 2014

The complete company has moved to the new site located at Bürgermeister-Steinberger-Ring 14 in the Haun industrial area, near the town of Rattenkirchen.

March 2014

A cooperation agreement between ARGO and Aigner is set. ARGO can offer our front systems in its worldwide distribution network as an after-sale-add-on kit.

As a result, all LANDINI and MCCORMICK dealers worldwide have direct access to our products.

April 2014

A new supply agreement is set for us to deliver a mobile cantilever crane to be mounted on the “Iron Horse” including development, production, paintjob, hydraulics and final assembly. The first order consists of ten pieces and the first crane to be ever delivered is presented on the July 2014 Interforst trade fair in Munich.

September 2014

A new foldable and spring retained snow plow is constructed. Further expansion of the snow plow product range by introduction of lighter and easier plows with widths ranging from 1.25m to 1.5 m

20 people are working in the company by that time.

January 2015

Front systems for the Japanese tractor manufacturer KUBOTA are introduced.

March – April 2015

The production is modernized even more. Implementation of our new CNC machining center and a CNC lathe takes place. Contract work is being done from now on. This includes the manufacturing of milling parts and welded assembly group components. In addition, paintjobs and sansblasting are provided from now on.

April 2016

The product range is being enhanced again and for the first time Front linkages & PTOs for the Turkish tractor manufacturer ARMATRAC are available.

November 2016

During the EIMA in Bologna a Cooperation with the Korean tractorManufacturer LS MTRON. will be agreed. Even at the SIMA fair in ParisIn February 2017 the first tractor of the new XP-series will be presented with AIGNER front linkage and front PTO and at the AGRITECHNICAin November 2017 additionally the front system for the new MT5-range
will be introduced.
AIGNER was becoming an official supplier of LS MTRON. in September 2017!


Company AIGNER currently is engaging 20 employees – 17 in production and assembly and 3 in the office.
In 2017 940 front linkages and 620 front PTO’s will be delivered.

Front Linkages and front PTO’S will be distributed in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Norway, Finland, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Turkey, South Korea, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Canada …