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Impressionen - Aigner Maschinenbau
Impressionen - Aigner Maschinenbau
Impressionen - Aigner Maschinenbau
Impressionen - Aigner Maschinenbau
Impressionen - Aigner Maschinenbau
Impressionen - Aigner Maschinenbau
Impressionen - Aigner Maschinenbau
Impressionen - Aigner Maschinenbau

Front Systems – General:

We have been developing, manufacturing and selling front hydraulic systems and front power take-off shaft systems since 1981. Our front systems have since then proven their reliability many times in practice, even under extreme conditions. Due to their extremely robust construction together with a well-engineered technology, they also master heavy accessory equipment and long operating hours trouble-free!

Front linkages:

Aigner front linkages are available for various tractor models.

They are specifically adapted and designed to integrate with the respective tractor model.

Depending on the size of the tractor, front linkage equipment with a lifting force of 15 kN (1.5 t) to 65 kN (6.5 t) can be supplied.

As a standard, the lift arms are equipped with quick link hooks (except on equipment for narrow track tractors).

By simply shifting 2 pins, the standard pendulum balance can be locked and the lower links can be folded up or taken off completely as well.

Due to the diagonal arrangement of the center of rotation, the lift arms fold inward diagonally. Thereby, the steering angle as well as the front axle oscillation remain fully preserved. This is also very beneficial in the combination front hydraulics + front loaders!

We also attach particular importance during the construction of our equipment to the retention of the tractor´s ground clearance.

Holder for top link and tow bar clevis are standard on all our front systems. A modern design rounds off the appearance of our front hydraulic lifts. The already convenient standard equipment can be further supplemented through divers options.

Front Power Take-Off Shaft:

Our front power take-off shafts are also especially adapted to the individual tractor. Transferring full motor power is just as matter-of-fact to us as the optimum integration of our power take-off shaft into the respective tractor model!

Beyond that, we believe that a long life span for our power-take-off shafts is very important. Through many years of experience in manufacturing as well as consistent developments, our front power take-off shafts are nearly maintenance-free!

The hydraulic front PTO clutch is engaged through the push of a button. A conical clutch as well as a multiple disk clutch running in an oil bath are employed. An adjustable choke valve enables a slow, jolt-free and extremely gentle start-up of the front devices.

Accessories/Optional Equipment:

  • Double acting front hydraulics (already standard in some equipment)
  • Double acting transfer valve - single-acting - locked (see fig. 1)
  • Hydropneumatic accumulator for absorption
  • Quick coupling triangle cat. 2 or cat. 1 with upper roller
  • Headlight set H4 dimmable (required according to road traffic regulations!) (see fig. 2)
  • Bracket for mower depth-restriction-chain kit (see fig. 3)
  • Additional hydraulic lines to the front
  • Attachment frame for front-end weights suitably for 3-point attachment or for quick coupling triangle (see fig. 4)
  • Municipal mounting plate for the attachment of municipal machines with attachment frame according to DIN 76060 Gr. 3 or 3/5.